About us

Welcome to Optolinks!

At Optolinks, we curate cutting-edge technology solutions from premier brands like VigilLink, Opticis, GeoBox, and more to deliver the finest video, audio, and data connectivity. Our commitment lies in providing top-tier products that redefine industry standards and elevate user experiences.


VigilLink - Partnering for Excellence

Born from a collaboration between end-users, dealers, and manufacturers, VigilLink is committed to meeting specific industry needs. We prioritize our products' ease of use and longevity, fostering a user-centric experience. Our relentless focus on customer satisfaction drives us to provide exemplary pre-sale and post-sale services backed by robust manufacturing capabilities.


Opticis - Redefining Connectivity

At Opticis, our mission is to revolutionize video, audio, and data extension solutions for industrial and consumer applications. With a vertically integrated design and production process, we stand as pioneers, offering high-quality, reliable products. Our engineering expertise allows us to craft bespoke solutions, ensuring seamless connectivity tailored to our customers' needs.


GeoBox - Transforming Immersive Experiences

GeoBox is one of the pioneers in hardware-based solutions for multi-display control, edge-blending, and projector mapping across diverse sectors. From museums to military applications, simulation industries to retail experiences, our technology seamlessly integrates into workflows, ensuring reliability, ease of use, and exceptional performance.


Our Collective Vision

At Optolinks, we're not just connecting devices but bridging gaps and enhancing possibilities. With a blend of innovation, expertise, and a customer-centric approach, we're poised to expand our brand portfolio and continue shaping the future of connectivity.


Get Connected with Optolinks

Whether envisioning an immersive museum experience, revolutionizing military operations, or transforming retail settings, Optolinks is your partner in superior connectivity solutions. Explore our range of products and experience the next level of seamless connectivity.

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