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DPOC-14N; DisplayPort1.4 Active Optical Cable

DPOC-14N; DisplayPort1.4 Active Optical Cable

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Jacket Type and Length

DisplayPort1.4 Active Optical Cable, DPOC-14N, enables to transmit up to 8K DSC(7680x4320) at 60Hz signal up to 100m (328feet). It avoids any scaling or data compression for lessening a burden of data transmission.

DPOC-14N provides slim, light, easy installation like a general copper DisplayPort cable. It holds firmly distinctive performance advantage as it requires absolutely no external power to operate. It solely utilizes TX and RX of the cable to function without any additional setting requirements.

Tech Specs

  • Extends up to 8K DSC (7680x4320) at 60Hz
  • Transmits DisplayPort1.4 data up to 100m (328feet) over hybrid cable
  • Supports up to 32.4Gbps data rate with 8.1Gbps/lane (HBR3)
  • Different jacket types of cables available: Offering Plenum graded, LSZH or TPU.
  • Easy Plug and Play Feature
  • Operates with absolute no external power
  • Supports 3D contents transmission
  • Bi-directional hardware handshake with voltage assertion for DPCP, EDID
  • Multi-channel Audio, Dolby true-HD, DTS-HD Master Audio
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