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G406L : 4 ch 4K In/Out video wall controller

G406L : 4 ch 4K In/Out video wall controller

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Product Description

Introducing G406 Lite, the ultimate true 4k/2k video wall controller that delivers unparalleled video quality with pixel to pixel precision. It's designed to work seamlessly with a 4k/2k input signal and 4x FHD monitors to create a stunning video wall display. The monitors can be installed in any combination of landscape or portrait positions, and the pixel-based image position adjustment feature can correct any misalignment in monitor installation while enabling precise bezel compensation. G406 Lite also comes with an extensive range of overlap adjustment functions and image rotation capabilities that allow you to adjust the aspect ratio in the video wall, creating a unique asymmetric display. You can even use the cropping function to split the image for LED wall displays. With multiple units of G400, you can build a video wall of any size without any limitations. Plus, it's incredibly easy to use, with all operations accessible through IR remote controller, USB, RS232, or Ethernet. No additional PC or software tool is required, making it the perfect hardware solution for all your video wall needs.


Featured Highlights

  • Supports up to true 4K or 8K/1K@30hz, and outputs up to WUXGA

  • Supports multiple units cascade through HDMI loop-out for controlling larger scale video wall, such as 3×3, 4×4 or more

  • Configuration can be done through IR remote, PC tool or WebGui.

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