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G406s : 2 ch 4K in/out video wall controller

G406s : 2 ch 4K in/out video wall controller

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Product Description

Introducing the GeoBox G406s – the ultimate solution for all your video wall needs! This powerful hardware system is designed for dual monitor video walls with a combination of portrait and landscape orientations. It can even be cascaded with the G408 to create an impressive 3x3 video wall.

The G406s is the perfect choice for those looking to split signal sources and set overlap pixels for projector edge blending systems. With the ability to connect to sources of varying resolutions, the G406s is the perfect solution to streamline your signal connection and reduce setup time.

One of the standout features of the G406s is its pure hardware design, making it a standalone system that's incredibly easy to use. You can control all operations through an IR remote controller, USB, RS232, or Ethernet – no additional PC or software tool is needed!

With its impressive functionality and user-friendly design, the G406s is the perfect addition to any video wall setup. So why wait? Upgrade your video wall experience today with the GeoBox G406s!


eatured Highlights

  • Supports up to true 4K or 8K/1K@30hz, and outputs up to WUXGA

  • Supports multiple units cascade through HDMI loop-out for controlling larger scale video wall, such as 3×3, 4×4 or more

  • Configuration can be done through IR remote, PC tool or WebGui.


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