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G408 : 8 ch 4k in/out video wall controller

G408 : 8 ch 4k in/out video wall controller

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Product Description

Introducing the G408 video wall controller - a powerful solution for creating stunning, high-quality video walls. With eight output channels, it supports true 4k/2k resolution and can be used with four 4k/2k input signals and two G408 units to create a pixel-to-pixel 8k/4k video wall using 16 Full HD monitors. The monitors can be installed in a combination of landscape and portrait orientation, and precise bezel compensation is achieved through pixel-based image position adjustment. The Overlap adjustment function and image rotation enable the creation of asymmetrical video walls with a mix of landscape and portrait panels. A G408 combined with a G406s can create a 3x3 video wall display. With support for multiple units of G400, there is no limit to the scale of the video wall that can be created.


Featured Highlights

  • Supports up to true 4K or 8K/1K@30hz, and outputs up to WUXGA

  • Supports multiple units cascade through HDMI loop-out for controlling larger scale video wall, such as 3×3, 4×4 or more

  • Configuration can be done through IR remote, PC tool or WebGui.

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