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G413 : Creative video wall - 4 screen

G413 : Creative video wall - 4 screen

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Product Description

Introducing the G413 Video Wall Controller - the ultimate solution for creative video walls. With support for up to 8k/1k 30Hz and 4k/2k 60Hz input signal, this 4-screen irregular video wall controller has an HDMI 2.0 loop-out port for daisy chain connection. It can be cascaded to create large-scale video walls, making it perfect for various applications.

One of the critical features of the G413 is its dynamic aspect ratio and position adjustment, which provides flexibility in displaying different shaped or cropped area contents on the video wall. The controller also provides programmable background color in the video wall blanking area if the content is not at full screen. Additionally, seamless looping playback allows users to set up 10 display modes from the same source content and loop playback with selectable time intervals.

The G413 comes with 27 preset modes requiring no adjustment or setup, making it easy to start immediately. The preset modes can also be modified to meet different panel bezel sizes and installation conditions.

Controlling and setting up the system is simple and can be done through IR remote controller, RS232, USB, or Ethernet. With dual power supply systems designed into the G413, users can use AC 100-240V or DC12V, and there's even one DC12V 1A output as the power supply for signal extenders.

Designed to meet the highest industrial standards for 7/24 working environments, the G413 provides a simple, flexible, and reliable solution for creative video walls. With its features and high-quality design, the G413 is the perfect choice for creating stunning video walls.


Featured Highlights

  • 2 input and 4 output in one box

  • Support display rotation at any angle

  • Preset display mode for easy installation

  • All setups can be achieved through remote control without PC system.

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