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G901 : 3D format converter seamless switch and quad view

G901 : 3D format converter seamless switch and quad view

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Product Description

The G901 is a versatile 3D processor that supports various 3D input signals, including Side by Side, Top/Bottom, Frame packed, Line interleaved, and Frame sequential formats. For passive 3D display, it decodes input signals into RH/LH output format, and for active 3D and other 3D display devices, it converts input signals into Side by Side, Top/Bottom, or Frame sequential output formats. The G901 can even handle dual camera discrete RH/LH 3D signals, making it an ideal solution for medical endoscope dual camera and line interleaved 3D format display issues.

The programmable output of the G901 supports resolutions up to 4096x2267 @60Hz or 7680x1234 @60Hz, with a range of 800-7680 (with 8 pixel/step under 230Mhz, 16 pixel/step above 230MHz) in horizontal and 600-3840 (with 1 pixel/step) in vertical. The maximum resolution is 600MHz, and the output refresh rate can be selected from 24/30/50/60/100/120Hz.

Standard functions of the G901 include PIP (picture in picture) and POP (side by side or top/bottom), as well as 3 split view and 4 split view Multi-Viewer functions. With the POP or Top/Bottom function, users can easily combine discrete RH/LH 3D signals into 3D Side by Side or Top/Bottom formats for 3D display.

The G901 can be operated and configured using an IR controller, USB, Web Gui, or Ethernet. Designed for 24/7 working environments, it provides an easy configuration, low entry barrier, and cost-effective, reliable, and flexible solution for your 3D processing needs.


Featured Highlights

  • 5-in-1-out multi-function video processors (seamless switching, scaling, image flip/rotation/cropping, 3D format conversion, and multi-viewer functions)

  • Ideal for use as seamless switchers, quad split multi-viewers, and front-end processors for large display systems

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