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S914 : 4k 1x4 Intelligent HDMI distribution amplifier

S914 : 4k 1x4 Intelligent HDMI distribution amplifier

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Product Description

IntroduIntroducing the S914, the ultimate HDMI distribution amplifier for all your video needs. With its Intelligent EDID management and on-chip CSC conversion, you can easily set non-VESA standard EDID timings and implement YCbCr 420/422/444 up or down and RGB/YCbCr conversion. The 4:1 down-sampling function allows you to simultaneously display 4K/2K input to 4K and FHD monitors. At the same time, the auto-equalization technology ensures support for long or low-quality HDMI cables at the highest speed.

But that's not all; the S914 also supports PC-customized resolution for projector edge blending applications, multiple layers of splitting/cascade up to 10 layers, and firmware upgradable via USB or Ethernet. The embedded CEC/RCP hardware allows for easy implementation of remote control through high-level API, and individual output channel signal ON/OFF control lets you customize your setup. Plus, with LED indicators for power, HDCP, in/out active status, and USB and Ethernet control via GCT tool or direct control through WebPage, the S914 is the perfect solution for any home theater or commercial setting. Don't settle for less; upgrade to the S914 for zero latency among all output ports and support for 3DTV pass-through.


Featured Highlights

  • HDMI2.0 1-in-4-out distribution amplifier

  • Supports a signaling rate up to 18Gbps.

  • HDMI 2.0b, and HDCP2.2

  • Support content stream up to DCI-Cinema 4096×2160@60Hz 4:4:4, ultra-high definition 3840×2160@60Hz, 3D video with 3840×2160@30Hz, and up to 600MHz pixel clock

  • Non-VESA standard and PC customized resolution (7680×2160@30Hz and 7680×1200@60Hz )

  • Intelligent EDID management allows user to set non-VESA standard EDID timings

  • Plug and Play operation for the HDMI systems .

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