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M810 Series : 4k in/2k out edge blending with PIP/POP

M810 Series : 4k in/2k out edge blending with PIP/POP

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Product Description

Introducing the M810 Series: Your Comprehensive Edge Blending and Projection Mapping Solution

Versatile Connectivity and Outstanding Performance

The M810 series revolutionizes your visual experiences, with each processing module offering 4 input ports (2x HDMI, 1x DP, 1x VGA) and 1x HDMI output. Digital inputs support resolutions up to 7680x2160 @30Hz, 7680x1200 @60Hz, or 4096x2160 @60Hz with 4:4:4 full-color sampling. Output delivers up to WUXGA/2048x1080 @60Hz. Integrating a high-end 10-bit processor and support for non-VESA standard input timings ensures unmatched performance.

Advanced Warp Technology for Precision Control

Embedded within the M810 series is advanced warp technology, granting users the power to perform edge blending and intricate geometry alignment. With up to 120x68 control points, you can fine-tune visuals using an IR controller, USB, WebPage, or Ethernet. Notable new features include linear grid Line Adjustment for precise line movement and "W" shape Corner Wall image adjustment in geometry alignment. Standard procedures include separate R, G, and B gamma correction for edge blending region color fine-tuning, individual color correction for each output, and 9 regions for black level uplift to compensate for projector light leakage. Real-time adjustments guarantee optimal results.

Effortless Daisy Chaining and Video Wall Function

HDMI loop-out simplifies connectivity, supporting daisy chaining up to 8k/2k @30Hz or 8k/1k @60Hz without needing an additional HDMI splitter. The video wall function streamlines the process of cropping and allocating the source image for each projector while setting overlap pixels for seamless edge blending. Achieve complete curved edge blending without the complexity of additional devices.

Flexible Displays with PIP and POP Functions

Standard PIP (picture in picture) and POP (side by side) functions provide flexible display options within the edge blending system. For a 3x projector edge blending setup, users can configure a 1+1+1 independent display, 1+2 (two blended projectors), and all-in-one (three blended projectors). This flexibility makes it an ideal solution for classroom applications.

Perfect for Simulation and Immersive Applications

The M810 series excels in simulation and immersive applications, enabling edge blending from multiple PCs to enhance system resolution. Unwanted images can be effortlessly masked. Designed for 24/7 operation, it empowers users to replace high-end projectors with cost-effective alternatives, eliminating the need for lens shift, warp, and edge blending functions. Enjoy an easy configuration, low entry barrier, cost-effectiveness, and a reliable, flexible solution with the M810 series.

Unleash the potential of your visual content and transform your projection mapping and edge blending experiences with the M810 series. Welcome to a new era of visual excellence and versatility.


Explore the M810 Series

The M810 series is available in four distinct models:

  • M811 : A single-channel version

  • M812: A two-channel version

  • M813: A three-channel version

  • M814: A four-channel version


Featured Highlights

  • Modularized design of edge blending processor

  • Up to 120×68 warp control point

  • Embedded video wall function, no image splitter is required.

  • 4K loop out port for daisy chain connection in cascade application.

  • Easy configuration via IR remote, PC tool, or WebGUI.

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