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UD100 Series : 4k edge blending with multi-viewer

UD100 Series : 4k edge blending with multi-viewer

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Product Description

The UD100 is a powerful video processing unit designed for advanced projection applications. With 4 input ports and HDMI 2.0 output and loop through, the UD100 supports up to 7680x2160 @30Hz and 7680x1200 @60Hz input resolution with 4:4:4 complete color sampling. The DisplayPort input can handle up to 7680x4320 @30Hz. The unit is integrated with a 10-bit high-end processor, motion-adaptive de-interlace, low-angle smooth algorithm, and 3:2/2:2 pull-down and supports non-VESA standard input timings. The programmable EDID optimizes input timing for the best video result.

Advanced warp technology is built into the UD100, allowing for edge blending and sophisticated geometry alignment up to 17x9 control points via front panel keypads, IR controller, USB, WebGui, and Ethernet. Separate R, G, and B gamma correction for edge blending region color fine-tuning, individual color correction for each output, and 9 regions black level uplift compensate for light leakage in the projector. Users can see real-time geometry and color adjustments to get optimized results.

The HDMI loopout supports a daisy chain connection with the exact input resolution, allowing multiple units to cascade for larger displays. The video wall function is designed to crop and allocate source images for each projector and set overlap pixels for edge blending. PIP (picture in picture), POP (side by side), and 3/4 split view Multiviewer functions are built-in, and PIP image size is from 320x180 up to 1920x1200. The UD100 allows for quick, seamless central/sub-image swaps and displays multiple windows (up to 16 input contents) on the screen from one UD104.

UD100 is an ideal solution for simulation, connecting with inputs from multiple PCs and combining them into one seamless image. It also provides flexible displays in edge blending systems, supporting 1+1+1 independent display, 1+2 (two blended projectors), and all-in-one (three blended). The UD100 can execute edge blending with the projector in the portrait position without rotating the source image, increasing image height. It is a good fit with a laser projector without the limitation in installation angle.

With the UD100, users can replace high-end projectors with low-cost projectors without lens shift, warp, and edge blending. It provides an easy configuration, a low entry barrier, and a cost-effective, reliable, and flexible solution for your projection needs.


UD100 series has 4 models available:

UD101 is a single-channel version

UD102 is a two-channel version

UD103 is a three-channel version

UD104 is a four-channel version


Featured Highlights

  • Control 4k UHD projector edge blending on flat, curved and 360 degree screen 

  • Support max input of 4096×2160@60hz or 7680×2160@30hz and true 4K output

  • Modularized design to control from one to four projectors in one box

  • Support multiple unit cascade through HDMI loop through for controlling more than four projectors

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