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UD101L: 1 ch 4k warping box with Multiviewer

UD101L: 1 ch 4k warping box with Multiviewer

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Product Description

Discover the endless possibilities with our product! Here are just a few of the major applications it excels in:

1. Create a stunning curved screen display with your 4K projector, perfect for golf simulations and big screen gaming.

2. Easily adjust the aspect ratio of your screen to achieve your desired screen size.

3. Display the mirror image of your mobile phone or iPad on a 4K portrait monitor for gaming or commercial applications.

4. Use PIP/POP to add a second video content on the screen with flexible image size, aspect ratio, and position adjustment.

5. Enjoy the quad-split view multi-viewer, displaying 3/4 split view content on a single 4K display.

6. Crop any size and location of the image for the perfect display.

7. Rotate your image for portrait display without rotating the image source.

8. Correct image distortion in ultra-short throw ratio projector applications.

9. Use edge mask to remove unnecessary images at the edge.

10. Project a smooth display image on a 90-degree wall corner with "V" type corner wall adjustment.

11. Display images on a 90-degree wall corner with a square pillar with "W" type corner wall adjustment.

12. Achieve brighter images by stacking multiple projectors.

13. Convert 3D formats for medical device applications with ease.

Our product is the ultimate solution for your display needs.

Try it out and see the difference for yourself!


Featured Highlights

  • Control 4k UHD projector edge blending on flat, curved and 360 degree screen

  • Support max input of 4096×2160@60hz or 7680×2160@30hz and true 4K output

  • Modularized design to control from one to four projectors in one box

  • Support multiple unit cascade through HDMI loop through for controlling more than four projectors


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