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VLIP-H51G-CTRL : AVoIP Controller for H.265

VLIP-H51G-CTRL : AVoIP Controller for H.265

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Product Description

This Video over IP Controller is used to control and manage H.264/H.265 IP products. It supports dual 100M network ports, which can realize dual network isolation of the Control network and Multicast video distribution network. It has its own built-in Web GUI, and TCP and RS-232 control are supported. Supporting POE function and wide band 12V IR signal receiving.


Featured Highlights

  • Easy to create projects, control, and manage the system

  • HTTPS, SSH security compatible

  • Built-in Web GUI control interface, supporting Drag & Drop operations

  • Supports image preview

  • Supports video, audio, RS-232, IR, KVM control, and management of the distributed system

  • Dual network ports (VIDEO LAN port supports POE function) to isolate

  • Controls and Multicast networks.

  • Supports LAN/RS-232 port control and third-party central control

  • Supports IR signal receiving (3.5mm audio jack, 12V level)

  • 4 channel GPIO control ports (5V/12V optional level)

  • Multiple circuits protection, lightning protection, and ESD design

  • Reliable system design, ensuring 24/7 usage

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